A downloadable game for Windows

Pogo's world is a (work in progress) procedurally generated 3d platformer/exploration game that I'm  developing using Unity

Pogo is a giant "bird-like being" living on a distant planet orbiting a red dwarf star.

The other creatures on the planet are normally peaceful but some have been taken over by a strange alien force.

The planet  has a big ocean with many small islands  of different terrain that can be crossed by gliding/using platforms and walkways

The music used is from  "JWMusicCreations" Here is a link to JWs blog on tumblr https://jwmusiccreations.tumblr.com/


  • W, A, S, D/ Left Stick (PS Style Controller)      =      Move
  • U, H, J, K/ Right Stick  (PS Style Controller)    =      Rotate Camera
  •  Double Press Move                                                      =      Sprint
  • Space /X (PS Style Controller)                                =      Jump/Double Jump/Flap Wings
  • B /Square (PS Style Controller)                             =      Attack
  • I /Triangle  (PS Style Controller)                            =      Interact
  • N  /Circle (PS Style Controller)                               =     Shoot Weapon
  • P/Start  (PS Style Controller)                                   =     Pause

Main To Do List

  • Add Cutscenes/Story
  • Finish Boss Enemies

Progress is quite slow as I have multiple projects on the go and am amateur at Game Dev

Install instructions

Download, Unzip the folder and run the ".exe" file


Pogo's World.zip 442 MB
Pogo's World Demo v1.1.zip 500 MB

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